Armory 3rd Floor Walkthrough Overview

Thank you for attending the SomArt walkthrough for the Armory 3rd floor space. Please note the policies for the space are posted here:

Basic rules include: No street shoes allowed in the space, only private rehearsals or invited classes are allowed/no public-facing events, maximum 25 people occupancy, no loud sounds in the space (we have a neighbor and are in a multi-tenant building), only durt/dust is allowed in trashcan – no food, etc.

Entering the Space

 When your account is approved (after the walkthrough) you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email for every booking you make. Those emails will contain the lockbox code to the space along with the address of the location.

Please use the lockbox code from the email to unlock the lockbox, take out the key, unlock the door, and promptly put the key back in the lockbox immediately. Do NOT take the key into the space with you – We try to avoid lockouts.  Please remember to scramble the lockbox code after doing so.

Please take off your shoes before entering the space. You may leave them in the hallway. Just be sure they aren’t in the way for other tenants.

The Space

The 3rd floor at the Armory space is approximately 24’ x 25’ in the larger area with a vaulted ceiling and suspension rods approximately 9’ vertical spaced about 6’ apart. The room has a few other rooms adjacent to the main space: a kitchen area, a side room 10’x’10’, and a wrap around deck.

The Bathroom

There should be available toilet paper near the light switch in the white cabinet. If you need more, we store toilet paper also in the kitchen cabinets above the sink.  Please replace the supply in the white cabinet as needed.

We do not have paper towels, but rather offer a common terry-towel for common use.  Please do not use toilet paper to dry your hands.

Please do not use the shower as it doesn’t have a liner and is storage for cleaning products.


You may use the furniture that is in the space. Please make sure you return the main room to a clear space with nothing but the sound system in it for other users.


When you walk into the space on the far-left wall is the thermostat. You may adjust the temperature if it gets too hot/cold, but please return it after you are finished. In the summer please leave the thermostat on “off” unless we are experiencing a major heat wave. In the winter, please leave the thermostat on “on”.  Please make sure the switch is on the appropriate system “heat” or “cool” during the appropriate season. Fall and Spring please use your best judgement based on the current weather patterns.

When It’s Time to Cadence

Please make sure you put everything back the way you found it when you entered the space. Shut all windows, return furniture, etc.



Take the dustmop and in a zig zag pattern sweep the main space. Make a pile and give a good shake to the dustmop to release dust/dirt/hair. Use the dustpan and brush provided and throw away any dust/dirt/hair that is swept up into the barrel in the space. DO NOT sweep the dust/dirt/hair into the corner and leave it there. Make sure it makes it into the barrel. Please carry out all other trash.


If the trash barrel is full, please tie it up and take it out with you. There is a dumpster in the back parking lot where you can deposit it.  Please line the trash barrel with a new liner. Liners can be found either in the bottom of the barrel or under the sink cabinet.

QR code

Before you say your final goodbye to the space for the day/night, please use the QR code posted on the back of the door to officially “checkout” of the space. The QR code will lead to a form where there will be a checklist of all things described above, just to activate the non-creative side of your brain to make sure you leave the space in great condition for the next person.  The form also asks you to take a photo of the space and upload it to submit.

The Final Check

Make sure you have all your belongings, and please pull the door closed as you leave. Check the handle to be sure it’s locked from the outside. The door lock on the inside is taped to keep the door locked when it is closed.