This is the page for all promotional/credit material if you are an artist holding public events (such as classes) or are sponsored artist (space or residency grant). SomArt Space is a program of the Somerville Arts Council and should be credited appropriately on all public materials. This page outlines how to credit, when to credit, and what to credit with in many popular platforms/outlets.


When printing postcards or a poster, or when creating social media posts please credit as following:

Using the SomArt Space logo and the SAC Logo either together or separately. The logo should be used with the following text:
“This program/project is with support by Somerville Arts Council’s SomArt Space Program”

right click / long press and “save as”
right click / long press and “save as”
right click / long press and “save as”

Please use highest resolution possible . Do not degrade the logo by saving it smaller than the original resolution and/or enlarge it after scaling it down. Please do not use a screenshot of the logo. Use the downloadable file(s) above. Alternatively, you can download all credit for your promo via Google Drive.


When posting on social media there are a few formats in which you can properly credit SomArt Space and the SAC. To keep it simple, the SOM Art Space and SAC logos with the tagline “This program/project is with support by Somerville Arts Council’s SomArt Space Program” should be displayed in posts.

In image-based post you can display the logo in the following ways:

  • As another image in your post (in multi-image posts)
  • Incorporated in your image (such as a image as a flyer)

You can display the tagline in the following ways:

  • Incorporating the tagline as an image (see below) in multi image posts
  • Including the tagline in the description of the post

Please tag both SomArt Space and Somerville Arts Council. If you have an event or if you would like to make us a co-host, please use SomArt Space user accounts for that purpose. Here are the Facebook and Instagram handles:

INSTA – @somartspace, @somervilleartscouncil



Please reach out to [email protected] for further guidance on this avenue.

Outreach/Marketing Outlets

Here’s a list of regional and Somerville-based lists, locations to get the word out about your project:


If appropriate, please let the City Council know about your activities. The more they are aware of the wonderful things artists are doing in Somerville, the more support they can give in their work. You can simply send them an email (which goes to all City councilors), or identify the most appropriate one by ward. To email all councilors: [email protected]

President, Ward 3 – Ward Ben Ewen-Campen – [email protected]
Vice President, Ward 7 – Judy Pineda Neufeld – [email protected]
At-Large – Kristen Strezo – [email protected]
At-Large – Willie Burnley, Jr. – [email protected]
At-Large – Charlotte Kelly – [email protected]
At-Large – Jake Wilson – [email protected]
Ward 1 – Matthew McLaughlin – [email protected]
Ward 2 – Jefferson Thomas (“J.T.”) Scott – [email protected]
Ward 3 – Ben Ewen-Campen – [email protected]
Ward 4 – Jesse Clingan – [email protected]
Ward 5 – Beatriz Gomez Mouakad – [email protected]
Ward 6 – Lance Davis – [email protected]
Ward 7 – Judy Pineda Neufeld – judyforward7@admin


List on our site’s calendar:

Join the SAC Google Group:


Take a look at the Artist2Artist Community Arts Listings Brain Dump (and add to it):

Add your event to our calendar

Are you holding a public-facing event/class in one of our spaces and would like to publicize on our calendar? In the near future we are developing a way for you to submit directly to the calendar. In the meantime, please use this form and allow up to 7 days for publishing.

Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 256 MB, Max. files: 2.
    Please upload a photo to be listed with your class. Please choose a photo with no text in it. Best photos represent you as a teacher, or a photo of your class/movement. You may include up to 2 photos
    Please give specific start and end dates here. If your event is one date, please indicate.
    Please provide instructions/links for registration here.
    Would you be interested in offering a "working artist rate"?
    Please submit any comments or questions here.