Please note this is an application for ongoing rehearsals either for an entire season or every week regularly for 1 calendar year.

1 Calendar year

Fall/Winter Sept 1 through Dec 30
Winter/Spring Jan 1 through April 30
Spring/Summer May 1 through Aug 31

Short-term, non-contract rehearsals are bookable up to 60 days in advance. Link to booking system coming soon.

Rate: $17/hr

Proposals are rolling. Seasonal contracts will be reviewed typically the 1st of the month, two months prior to season contract start date.

Seasonal Contracts Review
Fall/Winter proposals are reviewed July 1*
Winter/Spring proposals are reviewed Nov 1
Spring/Summer proposals are reviewed March 1

Yearly Contracts
proposals are reviewed July 1
all yearly contracts start Sept. 1 and are pro-rated if started after that date

Notifications for all proposals will be sent the 15th of the month they are reviewed.

* Given this is our inaugural season and we are expected to open in Aug/Sept, we are playing catchup for our first year and will review proposals as they come in for our Fall/Winter season.