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Improvisation — 1 Comment

  1. Can you please confirm I am registered for tonight’s Sound Scapes? I am pretty certain I registered when it was first announced but cannot find any e-mail conformation.My name is John Bechard.

  2. It looks like this events page is the public facing page for the event on 4/22/23:

    It would be good if you could the address of the event, and if reservations are required, some mention of it, and some button to click to sign up. The venue is almost impossible to find from the address alone, and it’s almost impossible to find the address on the website. I had to google it last night to find it. It might also be a good idea to put up a Google street view and mention that “There is no sign for the venue. Enter to the left of Bliss Nails.” The place is almost impossible to find in the real world even if you have the address.