This production has been produced by Callie Chapman and is a culmination of dance residencies supported by the Somerville Arts Council’s ArtAssembled Residency (AiR) fellowship initiative.

Wednesday, June 8 @ 7pm at Center for the Arts at the Armory

detrius dance | Caroline Bradbury + Claire Lane
Rebecca McGowen + Jackie O’Reilly
Brandy White

In The Ether

Choreographer: detritus dance | Caroline Bradbury and Claire Lane
Performers: Caroline Bradbury and Claire Lane
Music credit: “Two Ringing Church Bells” by Sound Ideas, “1101105” by Keith Fullerton Whitman, “Ave Maria” by The Cathedral Singers, “La vie en rose” by Clara Rockmore, “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert and Clara Rockmore, “Thais: Meditation” by Jules Massenet, “O Filli et Filiae” by Anonymous and Pierre Cochereau, “Improvised Symphony for Organ” by Pierre Cochereau, “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain” by Emily Dickinson, performed by Julie Harris, “Sleep” by The BYU Singers

Video credit: art animation by Sophie Lane

Our heartfelt gratitude to: Dr. Nancy Heller, who provided a depth of resources about women’s art history; Dara Capley, who provided her detailed eye and feedback during the rehearsal process; Sophie Lane, whose creative animation captured Eve’s sojourn through Eden so beautifully; and Callie Chapman, the woman extraordinaire who has gone above and beyond to make our projection installation a reality and has been a fantastic mentor throughout our ArtAssembled AiR residency.

For the centuries of women scholars, artists, poets, writers, revolutionaries, caretakers, and healers scorned, forgotten, or otherwise erased from history– we are your descendants and we honor your legacy.

Caroline Bradbury and Claire Lane are dance artists focused on deconstruction through multidisciplinary forms including movement practices, painting, and collage. They began collaborating in the Fall of 2021.

Eight Feet Tall

Created and performed by: Dan Accardi, Armand Aromin, Rebecca McGowan, Jackie O’Riley
Choreographer: Rebecca McGowan & Jackie O’Riley
Dance: original compositions, improvisation, traditional, and steps learned from the dancing of
Joe O’Donovan (Fitzie’s), the Dorothy Hayden Steppers, and Brenda Callahan
Music arrangement: Dan Accardi & Armand Aromin
Music: traditional: Humours of Tullycrine, The Promenade, My Mind is Content, Splendid
Isolation (composed by Brendan McGlinchey), Mount Collins Reel, Katie Cruel, Stenson’s

As dancers who often work with musicians, we are deeply interested in musical textures. We are playing at the edges, blurring music and dance. This residency will support an exploration into ways dance can create layers in arrangement.

Sleepless Beauty

Choreographer: Brandi White
Performers: Brandi White in collaboration with Alicia Camiña Ginés saxophone, Jason Ji guitar, Lili Trentalange Drums 
Music credit: Sade Sweetest Taboo live in San Diego 
Thank you to all of my past and present dance mentors and inspiration. Thanks to the Somerville Arts Council for making this possible.

B-randi is known for her unique styles in contemporary style of movement she pioneers called skin out. Her style pushes folks to the edge as she utilized femininity and movement to capture you.

This work has been supported by a Somerville Arts Council ArtAssembled Residency (AiR) fellowship.

Arts at the Armory’s Performance Opportunity Program (POP) is generously supported by Cambridge Trust, Mass Cultural Council and Somerville Arts Council.