This production has been produced by Callie Chapman and is a culmination of dance residencies supported by the Somerville Arts Council’s ArtAssembled Residency (AiR) fellowship initiative.

Tuesday, May 31 @ 7pm at Center for the Arts at the Armory

Caitlin Canty
Catherine Siller
Jessica Roseman

I want to leave my body, but I want to take my body with me when I go.

Choreographer: Caitlin Canty
Dramaturg: Marissa Molinar
Performers: Anthony Brocatto, Caitlin Canty, and James Friedman
Music credit: Composed by Anthony Brocatto
Performed by Anthony Brocatto and James Friedman
Mixed and Mastered by Derek Lamereaux
Video credit: Caitlin Canty
This dance is dedicated to my teachers and their teachers.

Caitlin Canty, of Somerville, MA, makes dances for the stage and screen. Her dances mine a private human emotional experience in an attempt to breakdown an illusion of loneliness and posit imaginative possibilities that make noise and glitter.

The Mysteries of Life: A Queer Nature Walk

Choreographer: Catherine Siller in collaboration with Ariana Haddad and the performers
Performers: Amelia Estrada, Jacob Lavoie, Eliza Malecki, Melissa Mirza, Cassie Wang
Music: Zoe Keating, Forte (deer); Abby Swiddler (snails, fish, and owls)
Video: Catherine Siller
Research assistant: Genea Foster
Costumes: Jacob Lavoie
Thank you to Betsy Goldman and Eric Rosenbaum for your consultation and support on this project!

Boston-based choreographer and multimedia artist Catherine Siller has presented her feminist, queer affirming performances nationally and internationally. Drawing on her MFA in Digital Media, her work blends interactive video, animation, and dance.


Choreographer: Jessica Roseman 
Dramaturgy: Grace Mi-He Lee and karen Krolak 
Performer: Jessica Roseman 
Music credit: “Temple” and “Constellation” By Szun Waves, under license from The Leaf Label        
Voiceover by Jessica Roseman
After the concert, please come take home a mango! Grown from Mexican mango trees, which offset the carbon emissions incurred by mango exportation.

Jessica Roseman is an award winning choreographer, performer, movement educator, and a mother. She incorporates healing arts philosophies into her improvisational choreography. Sensing and expressing the right action for the moment guides her work.

This work has been supported by a Somerville Arts Council ArtAssembled Residency (AiR) fellowship.

Arts at the Armory’s Performance Opportunity Program (POP) is generously supported by Cambridge Trust, Mass Cultural Council and Somerville Arts Council.