In May, 2021 the Somerville Arts Council entered into a partnership with Federal Realty opening up temporary use rehearsal space in Assembly Row, Somerville. Since that time, our space has shifted to another location and we have added another space in the Armory. The mission of this program is to provide rehearsal and creation space to performing artists keeping the costs low. With this in mind, our spaces cost just $8-$20/hour depending on use!

Both spaces are open to all performing artists regionally (you do not need to be a Somerville resident).

SOMarts @ Assembly Row

  •  16′ x 32′ of danceable space (space around the floor is larger)
  • Sprung floor with marley
  • Sound system
  • Black-box type space with black out capabilities
  • HVAC (heating/cooling)
  • ADA accessible/ground floor access
  • 8 LED PARs with ADJ controller with channel isolation
  • Projector installed in ceiling
  • White curtain/projection screen
  • Black traveler curtain
  • 7 chairs
  • Capacity: 20 people or less
  • Can be used for public-facing events (with a special space request)
  • Wifi is available as well as a ethernet connection
  • Free 3 hour parking in adjacent garage
  • T accessible
  • Bike Racks

SOMarts @ Armory

  • 20′ x 22′ main space
  • 10′ x 10′ room off of the main space
  • 30′ x 15′ “kitchen” space
  • Outside wrap around deck
  • Sound System
  • Lots of light/windows – white walls / no blackout capabilities
  • Wood over wood floor. Not sprung, but has enough ‘give’ for dance/movement
  • Capacity: about 15 moving only in the big space
  • ADA accessible
  • Space is on the 3rd floor of the Armory

The process of requesting space:

“Register” through our booking software. Required fields include: name, email, and credit card information. There is no cost to join.

Schedule a walkthrough through our Calendly scheduling app.

After the walkthrough, you would be approved to book space up to 30 days in advance, but no less than 24 hours in advance through our automated booking system. This function will not be enabled until we approve you after your walkthrough.

  • Rate for rehearsal is $8/hr
  • Rates for classes/paid labs is $20/hr (with approval via our special space request form. See below)
  • Rate for performance (with paid ticketing) is $100 for 4 hours (with approval via our special space request form. See below.)

Our Policy:

  • Activity in the space can not be “loud” as there are apartments situated directly above and next to both spaces. Acoustic music could work, but amplified instruments, brass instruments, and drums are not allowed.
  • All artists using the space must be able to “leave no trace” after their time in the space.
  • No disposal of food food/drink or containers in the spaces.
  • Dance floor policy includes no outside shoes. If you have worn your shoes outside, they are outside shoes. Barefeet, socks, dance shoes, etc. are permitted on the floors.
  • Artists will have a maximum of 4 hours per week of rental to create equitable booking availability for all. (if you need more, use our special space request form.)
  • Each new artist must attend a space tour and policy overview before booking space. Tours are available 2x/week and scheduled through our Calendly system (see step 2 above).
  • Artists will have up to 30 days to book the space.
  • Hours of operation are 9am-9pm 7 days a week.
  • Doors must be locked during use of the space.
  • Key must be left in the lockbox at all times.
Rehearsals/CreationLabsShowingsPerformances Workshops/Classes Community (general)
How to Book Directly through the booking system Directly through the booking systemSpecial Request FormSpecial Request FormSpecial Request FormSpecial Request Form
Max Days Advance Booking30 days30 days90 days (contingent upon Assembly 30 days lease)90 days (contingent upon Assembly 30 days lease)90 days (contingent upon Assembly 30 days lease)90 days (contingent upon Assembly 30 days lease)
Min Days Advance Bookingno sooner than 24 hoursno sooner than 48 hoursno sooner than 7 daysno sooner than 7 daysno sooner than 48 hoursno sooner than 48 hours
Max Hours per Week44min 3/showingmin 4/showing22
Cancellationno later than 48 hoursno later than 48 hoursno later than 7 daysno later than 7 daysno later than 48 hoursno later than 48 hours
Cost$8/hr$8/hr no pay participants –  $20/hr pay participants$8/hr no pay participants –  $20/hr pay participantsNegotiable$20/hr$8/hr no pay participants –  $20/hr pay participants
Space AvailabilityAssembly or AiRAssembly or AiRAssembly or AiRAssembly OnlyAssembly or AiRAssembly or AiR

If you are seeking space time/date usage that falls outside of our existing policy, please fill out this request form: